Bill Collings left a promising career in medicine when he dropped out of med school in the mid 1970s to start building and repairing stringed instruments in Houston, TX. Collings then set out for Southern California, making it only as far as Austin, where he joined a close circle of local instrument builders, eventually setting up his own shop in a wooden, single car garage.
Collings reputation as a top quality luthier continued to grow, and in 1989 he was commissioned by the legendary Gruhn's Guitars of Nashville to build a run of 24 custom guitars. This immediately brought Collings into the national market, and in 1992 Collings Guitars moved into a 3200 square foot shop on the outskirts of Austin.

Since then, Collings has continued to make it’s presence felt in the upscale acoustic guitar market worldwide, with help from their rigorous attention to detail, and not to mention some high-profile endorsements from many professional musicians including, Lyle Lovett, Pete Townshend, Emmylou Harris, David Crosby, and Joni Mitchell to name a few.

Today, Collings has expanded their line to include mandolins, and a line of electric guitars. Though the company has grown to boast 50 full time employees, their passion and drive to make the best possible instruments remains.


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