Hi Plains Drifter

Tube Amps
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Bludotone Hi Plains Drifter Serial #2

Includes Calzone flight case.

This is the EJ voicing. Currently has KT88 tubes installed.  150 Watts of Clean Machine.

From Bludotone:

The HI-PLAINS DRIFTER is 150 earth shaking watts of the sweetest most velvety clean you have ever heard and punch that hits you in the chest!!

Based on the tones made famous by our favorite Sons of Austin, the HPD is EXACTLY what you've been looking for; so forget about "kind of like: or "similiar to", stop setting for "get close" or "in the ballpark", you can finally have the one you really want.


  • 150W, 75W operation via 1/2 power switch
  • FET input, normal input
  • Preamp Boost
  • Reverb with Send and Return controls
  • 6 position Hi filter
  • 6 position Lo filter
  • Preamp output, Power amp input
  • 3 button foot switch: controls FET, PAB and reverb functions
  • Price includes flight case
  • Repairs & Tuning
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